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The Aint Much To Our Acres

Ain't Much is the sole reason I started this journey in 2012, and became a 501c3 in 2019. Ain't Much taught me the true meaning of compassion. It seemed only fitting to name our nonprofit after him,  he is the true founder of this organization. After-all this non-profit isn't about me, its about the animals. I am just their caretaker and voice while they're on this earth and I sure "aint" going to stop.

- Diona Logsdon

(Aint Much and Diona's first photo taken in 2012.)


Aint Much Acres was offically founded as a non-profit 501(c)(3) in 2019, it’s name originated from the first animal there. It all started with one horse, and a devoted eight-teen year old in 2012. The founder, Diona inherited the horse after her birth mother passed away, and as time went by she realized how much she loved helping animals.  Diona decided to dedicate her life and every penny she has to  rescue any animal, big or small, to give them a life they deserve. As the years went by, this small rescue continued to expand. Starting with only one, Aint Much Acres grew to many. Homing hundreds of rescued animals, varying in donkey, chickens, ducks, lambs, miniature horses, goats, bunnies, and more. In the end, it doesn’t matter if she has much at all, she “ain’t” going to stop now.

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